Oswego River Hawks Take Flight

From Road Trip Dad – GM Dan Witmer

2022 Oswego River Hawks

Making its first journey from the nest, sometimes the fledgling falls clumsily to the ground; sometimes it takes flight like it’s been doing it all its life. 

What would the first-year Oswego River Hawks do? 

I’ll get to that; I promise. But first, let’s see how and why this team was hatched… 

Saturday night’s debut of a North American Box Lacrosse League Oswego team was actually about 20+ years in the making. Back in the mid-’80s, Assistant GM Doc Nelson was instrumental in the origins of the Oswego scholastic program, the Oswego Lacrosse Club, and, yes, box lacrosse right here at the Crisafulli Rink at Fort Ontario. (Link to Road Trip Dad article)

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